August 21, 2019

Sound Transit On-Call Contract

K&J has a consulting agreement with Armand Consulting Inc. (ACI) who recently was awarded an on-call safety certification services contract with Sound Transit in Seattle, WA. The safety certification process will utilize Sound Transit’s Safety and Security Information Management System (SSIMS) to manage the safety certification process. ACI along with K&J will strategically staff the contract to best satisfy the safety certification and technical requirements to manage the initial fifteen (15) capital improvement projects. Safety certification activities are expected to start in September 2019.
August 21, 2019

MATA Safety Management System (SMS) Support Services Contract

In June 2019, K&J was awarded the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) SMS Support Services Contract. This contract is intended to assist MATA with the development and implementation requirements for a SMS program. This includes developing an Agency Safety Plan (ASP), Contingency of Operations Plan (COOP), Emergency Management Plan (EMP), a gap analysis and implementation plan, providing ASP training and auditing support to MATA executive leadership and operational personnel as well as continue with providing safety engineering support of the MATA Safety Certification and Safety Risk Management programs.
August 21, 2019

FTA Initiative – An Incident Investigation Manual Under Development for the Transit Industry

In July 2019, K&J, through CUTR with FTA’s guidance and approval, was tasked to develop an industry level Incident Investigation Manual as a guidance document for the State Safety Oversight (SSO) and Transit Agencies use in support of implementing the agency SMS program and Agency Safety Plan (ASP). This initiative was recommended to the CUTR/FTA Research Team by the CUTR/FTA Transit Safety Standards Working Group that has representatives from transit agencies across the United States and transit focused safety consulting firms.
December 26, 2018

MATA Trolley #455

Trolley #455 has finally arrived in Memphis, TN from Gomaco! This will be the fifth trolley that K&J Consulting Services is certifying for the Memphis Main Street trolley line. This project and certifying MATA’s trolleys is a unique experience that K&J Consulting is extremely proud to be a part of!